mayours commerce B2C is a rapidly growing consumer product reseller and distributor with over 1,000 manufacturers and distributor products available globally. We are dedicated to providing our customers with top-quality products at the lowest prices, while ensuring that every item meets our high standards of being "One Layer Up." According to statistical data, over 60% of consumers are not satisfied when they receive refurbished products in regards to their packaging, accessories, and configuration. This is where maYours sets itself apart by taking an extra step between receiving a consumer product from the manufacturer and shipping it to our buyers. Our "One Layer Up" process involves unboxing, cleaning, fixing, and configuring each product we receive before performing a thorough quality check and shipping it to you.
At mayours, we offer free shipping to all customers in Canada and the USA, with no minimum purchase required. We also offer a free 30-day return policy and a 2-year warranty on all of our refurbished and One Layer Up products for repair or replacement. Our exceptional customer service is here to support you from the beginning of your purchase and ensure a satisfactory buying experience.
We are committed to providing our customers with great quality products, affordable prices, and amazing customer service. Choose to purchase "One Layer Up" at maYours and experience the difference for yourself.


"To be the premier provider of IT and electronics solutions in Canada, setting the standard for service excellence and delivering top-quality products that exceed customer expectations."


"Our mission is to provide exceptional dispatch-to-disposal services to businesses and high-value technology solutions to consumers, establishing ourselves as the preferred choice in Canada."